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Why ballboyz?

Good soap


Made in the usa

Ingredients you
can actually read

Made to meet
the demands
of athletes

Long lasting


I am a believer! Got it for my 16 year old son. His face, back and chest are almost completely healed and blemish free. 4 days and this stuff showed us more improvement than Accutane did for 4 months. We now have a soap subscription!!


Bought for my 22 yr old college baseball player and it's crazy the amazing results within days. I highly recommend.


I am a believer! Got it for my son and he loves the soap. He’s only 11 but struggles with acne, already after a couple days it was all cleared up! Amazing!


Ya’ll’s soap is the best skincare product I have ever bought and used.


Got questions?

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why do athletes need a soap made just for them?

Because athletes are constantly sweating and wearing disgusting equipment, they get more dirt and bacteria in their pores than anybody else! Because of this, they often suffer from acne and odor at a much higher rate than the average person. As athletes who struggled with these exact same problems, we went looking for a product strong enough to meet our demands, but all we could find was chemical filled ingredient labels that didn’t fit the bill… so we decided to create our own! Made with all-natural ingredients proven to get rid of acne and odor, this is the perfect item for any athlete trying to freshen up their game!

How long does it last?

Our bars last longer than any other bar on the market. They are specially made to withstand decay and cracking.

What’s the difference between the body and face scrubs?

The skin on your face is different than the skin on your body. For this reason each body and face scrub is specifically engineered with ingredients that are best suited for its role in keeping you clean.

where are they made?

Ballboyz is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA! Our products are all handcrafted with care and integrity to give you the highest quality ingredients and satisfaction possible.

Where do you ship ballboyz?

We ship anywhere in the United States. In fact, we have successfully completed orders to all 50 states and territories within the USA!

Where’s my order?

If you have not received your order, it’s probably due to an invalid address. We will reach out to fix this but if it is not corrected within 30 days your order will be cancelled.